How to Make Cookies Fun

If you have young children, then ensuring that they get into the kitchen is often a must. It’s good for them to see how food is made and how it goes from raw ingredients to a ready to eat meal. One of the best meals to make is cookies. Not only are the gourmet cookies atlanta shops sell a good treat, but children can get involved in nearly every step of the process, from the baking to the scooping to the decorating.

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Making the cooking fun is a great way to keep your kids excited in the kitchen, and there are plenty of ways to make baking cookies fun and easy for everyone. First, have your kids pick out the flavors and items for the cookies. If you show them how to make the batter, then they can get the chocolate chips, candies, peanut butter, and the other items that will go inside of it.

Having each child get to customize their own section of the batter or add in their own favorite ingredient will allow them to have a personal stake in the recipe. Then they’ll be even happier to see the product to its conclusion.

Have each child get to scoop and stir the batter or ingredients, and maybe even sneak in a lesson about measuring and what each of the kitchen tools mean. Every opportunity to learn right? Then, once the cookies are baking, have them pick out any decorations and frostings.

Once they are done, then the kids can go wild with their imaginations and decorate their own cookies to their heart’s content. Besides, there’s something joyful about eating your own creation and watching your child smile about it. Using baking as a bonding activity between you and your children can become sweet in more ways than one.