Are you in the mood for something different tonight?

When it comes to eating out what we often do is to go for the usual favorites. Whatever your favorite is, chances are you get bored of it sometimes. How many times can you eat from the same place?

If you want to try something completely different how about getting something that is truly authentic. Believe it or not you can have different food and then match that with a cultural experience that is going to open your eyes, ears and senses to something different, ethiopian-eritrean cuisine portland or is such an experience.

In the US we are used to different cuisines, but you will not be surprised to find out that it is an American slant on the food. Italians and Irish people for example have been here for so long that they are cooking not like their grandma used to – but more like great-great grandma used to. The food is still great, right? You love it. But if you go to Italy it is a little bit of a shock when it doesn’t taste quite as you expect it to. Food in the country tastes different than it does elsewhere.

It makes a huge difference to get some food that is truly authentic – cooked, served and eaten in the way that it is in the place of origin. It is as close as you’re going to get to visiting a place especially somewhere that is a little lower on the tourist bucket list.

ethiopian-eritrean cuisine portland or

If you’re looking for something different, why not try Siga Zigni which in case you didn’t know is beef cubes stewed in berbere sauce. There’s also a huge amount of vegetarian food available. So if you’re not into meat – there’s still a lot of dishes to choose from. Give it a try.